We are Red Belly Pest Control

At Red Belly we strive to satisfy our customer’s needs which can range from treating pests to discretion.  We also do our best to look at future planning and proofing in order to minimise toxins used and wherever possible avoid it completely.  

We believe in a sustainable future and environment.  Some of our products may even repel pests to provide a chance for relocation.  Some of the pests that may be controlled this way include spiders, millipedes, beetles and many more.  

All these methods combined is called ‘IPM’ which stands for Integrated Pest Management.

We are TermX + TermSeal certified

Our Innovative Products

Standing there

$ 170.00 USD

Standing there

Deep Marbel

$ 890.00 USD

Deep Marbel

Soft Marble

$ 378.00 USD

$ 895.00 USD

Soft Marble

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